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Description of 奇跡のメガネ -恋愛シミュレーションゲーム

------ Character introduction ------
● A mature girl who likes Koharu books.
In the future I would like to become a picture book author.
It seems a bit weird to talk with a man.

Reika 's unfamiliar lady. I am curious about common people.
There is a tsundere place and she is swinging around.

● Nanako I love cute things older sister. Tend to take initiative with adult afford.
Let's spoil all the time.

● Mayu yandere girl.
Sometimes I go too far, but that is cute, is not it?

------ Story introduction ------
■ Koharu Chapter 1: Why did you choose Koharu Chapter 2: Fight with Koharu ...?
Chapter 3: The distance between me and Takaru Chapter 4: Rhinoceros is my "she"
Chapter 5: Koharu no Kimochi Chapter 6: Important story from Koharu Ending in the first half: One gift in the world late Ending: Princess Ha Huru and I Oji

Reika Chapter 1: Reika and My House Chapter 2: Reika's Curiosity Chapter 3: Reiki and Kirin Chapter 4: The Lady's Essence Chapter 5: Reika and I and Kirin Chapter 6: Reiki's Wish First half ending: Reflecting on Reiki's eyes Late endings: me and me and reika

■ Nanako Chapter 1: Nanako is bold Chapter 2: Nanako likes cute things Chapter 3: Nanako and I Chapter 4: Nanako's ideal man Chapter 5: Me and Nanako's scary thing 6 Chapter: I and Nanako's change first half Ending: Nanako's whispers late Ending: Dark-night bargain

■ Mayu Chapter 1: Mayu's Love Chapter 2: Mayu's and My Psychological Warfare Chapter 3: Mayu and My Passing Chapter 4: Mayu and My Crisis Chapter 5: Farewell Party Chapter 6: Mayu's Chapters And my promises first half Ending: I will not promise anymore Ending in the second half: Because of love

-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------
It is recommended for people who like romance games and training games, scenarios, those who like stories.
It is a strange content that focuses on glasses,
Both illustrations and stories are making full-fledged making, so I'm sure you can enjoy men and women, regardless!

■ Recommended for people like this! !
· I love my glasses!
· Menhera, Yandere, Tsundere, I love you!
· I love romance games!
· I have not been in love recently. I want to experience a simulated experience!

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